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The Wedding Planning Timeline 1 - 2 Month Countdown 

Here's the wedding planning timeline for 1 to 2 months prior to your wedding dat. Plan with care and your wedding day will be planned to perfection. Be sure to read the 6 to 12 month wedding checklist first to ensure you have a realistic overview of what's to come and how much work is ahead of you, regardless of how manys months you have to plan your wedding. Wedding tension rises as we get closer to the big wedding day. Find time to have a romantic getaway with your husband-to-be, chill out, listen to music spend time at the beach, go for long walks along the water side. Take some time away from the wedding planning. You will need this time together with your fiance to bond while still doing the wedding preparations. Live your life without a care in the world. This list was specifically created to help the bride and her bridal party plan their own wedding. The list provided here is only a sample wedding timeline and can be changed according to your own unique wedding plans. This is merely a guide to help you with the preparations. Wedding Checklist

  • Final fitting for bridal gown and bridal party attire.

  • Get a blood test.

  • Pay for marriage license.

  • Continue with fitness schedule and a healthy eating plan to minimise stress and to tone up.

  • Go for long power walks along a lovely beach or bay to clear your mind.

  • Complete shopping for your trousseau.

  • Purchase bridal party attendants gifts.

  • Pick up wedding bands or rings.

  • Organise to engrave wedding bands.

  • Reserve all necessary rentals for ceremony or reception.

  • Pamper yourself with hot bubble baths, french Champaign and candles.

  • Organise a facial and a body scrub with your beautician.

  • Meet with the wedding photographer to discuss any special photo requests.

  • Meet with the wedding videographer to discuss any special requests.

  • Discuss with photographer and videographer a back-up plan in case of unfavourable weather conditions.

  • Start planning the hens and bucks parties.

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